A relatively low budget extension and renovation to an old brick and tile cottage in Palmyra, this project aims to create a spatial separation for the couple from the existing residence. The new extension, whilst modest in size, is intended to be a bold statement against the existing cottage style home.

The design is intended to create an external ‘enclosure’, with the new volume wrapping around a small courtyard. The main bedroom and ensuite are separated by a small corridor containing a laundry space, hidden behind plywood paneling. The long ‘window box’ in the bedroom contains bi-folds that are able to open completely, creating a strong connection with the external courtyard.

The old cottage has been renovated to create a much more open, flexible space whilst the large extent of bi-folds along the north facade open the living and kitchen spaces up to the external courtyard.



Status: Complete 2015

Project Type: Addition and Renovation

Client: Private

Materials: Timber


Team: Matt Delroy-Carr,Tim Bruce Builders