Green Square Library & Plaza Competition


The design of the public spaces foregrounds the concerns of this team.
The building is part of the process rather than the central concern.
The ground plane is brought to life through the creation of opportunities. Community orientated potential augment as much by participation as by artists, installations and historians. The symbols throughout the landscape are triggers. Each symbol has a story, a sculpture, a movie, some music, an augmented reality attached to it. Devices currently, will be required to access the augmentation however the future has some exciting possibilities.
The function of the library is no longer a paradigm of building moreover a function of public space; a playground, a reading room, a game space, a book club, a learning surface. The architecture is not just the building.
Virtual Architecture is an integral part of the design. Green Square is an information portal of traditional and new modes of access.
Water harvesting is employed through landscape and the built form to maintain and celebrate vegetation and water sculptures. It becomes a visual and experiential stimulant as much as a functional necessity; a counter point of temporal against the real.
The landscape is dynamic and interactive; a Sydney landscape, comprised of rolling bands of north-south landforms planted with local vegetation. This habitat is penetrated by a stream linking the entire site on an east-west axis. This orientation provides the landscape with the ability to provide flexible spaces for a multitude of activities.



Status: Competition short-listing

Project Type: Library and Public Plaza

Client: City of Sydney Council



Team: felix. in collaboration with Pullyblank

Rene Van Meeuwen, Matt Delroy-Carr, Craig McCormack, Celine Helliar, Stuart Pullyblank, Adelle Main, Mitch Hart