Swanbourne Home Additions + Gardens

Our clients wanted a new master bedroom wing to make more space for their growing family. But they didn’t want to sacrifice a large portion of their backyard for the addition.

So we created two new spaces: a bedroom that projects outwards from the main house, and below that, a flexible outdoor play area for the kids.

The lower room has been designed to be partially closed so that it can be used all-year round. It could also be fully enclosed in future, if the family needed more internal space.

A new ‘service wall’ connects the upper and lower levels and defines the outdoor room. It contains storage spaces including wardrobes, plumbing and pool equipment, and seating. It also makes provision for any new services that may be needed in future.

Rather than attaching the new addition directly to the existing house, we inserted an operable ‘breezeway’ which allows natural light to still enter the rear of the house, whilst providing climatic control to direct cross-flow breezes to the surrounding ‘rooms’.


Status: Completed – 2022

Project Type: Homes – renovation

Client: Private

Materials: Timber, Steel, Corrugated Metal



Team: MDC Architects, RK Brine Master Builder