The owners of this new 3-unit development were looking to subdivide the site in order for their son and partner to get into the housing market. Following some initial discussions with both parties, as well as the builder (Bruce Construction Design), MDC Architects were engaged to design the subdivision layout as well as all three dwellings.

As with all of MDC Architects’ projects, the goal with the site layout was to ensure all three dwellings had a consolidated northern garden that extended off the main living space on the ground floor: The biggest challenge here being the triangular shaped site.  

We were able to achieve three floor plans that each had their main kitchen and living areas opening onto a generous northern garden. For the front two lots, this was a single storey section, and by pushing the building to the southern boundary, was able to double up as each subsequent lot’s courtyard fence. The entire planning exercise was about maximising, to the millimeter, efficiency in space. By orienting these courtyards to the north, they became quiet, and functional outdoor areas, even though the buildings are located immediately along a very busy road.

Materials for the development were chosen for their durability as well as their thermal properties and construction efficiencies. The lower levels that have a north/south orientation were designed as heavy masonry bases, making use of the thermal mass of the materials, whilst the upper floors utilised lightweight walls and roofs for speed of construction.

This project demonstrates how medium density infill can still offer all the amenity of a stand alone dwelling when considered wholistically before subdivision has taken place. The success of this triplex development is demonstrated in its efficient (and smaller) floor plans, generous outdoor areas, high passive performance and finally, that it is fully occupied by families!

Status: Completed – 2022

Project Type: Multi-residential – group dwellings

Client: Private

Materials: Masonry, Timber, Corrugated Metal