Our client’s brief was for a new home with views across the adjacent school playing fields to the north-east.

They wanted a simple and functional design to capture that verdant outlook, whilst prioritising passive thermal performance. 

The layout also needed to accommodate potential future wheelchair access from the street, so the primary living area needed to be contained on a single level.

This is a relatively narrow block, so we positioned the entire house to open to the north, where the north-east corner overlooks the playing fields beyond. 

It is, in effect, one long slender shed with a fully glazed northern wall. A deck extends from the house to the northern boundary, providing an open view through the site from the street, whilst creating a covered area to park cars. 

The lower level was designed as a self-contained ‘apartment’ for visitors to stay and enjoy separation from the main dwelling. 

A large weeping tree near the street was retained, to minimise the presence of the house to the street and create a soft green approach. This contrasts with the typical garage-on-the-street scenario prevalent in the neighbourhood.

We collaborated with RK Brine Master Builder on this project and achieved a very high quality of living on a modest budget.

Status: Completed – 2022

Project Type: Homes – new build

Client: Private

Materials: Timber, Brick, Concrete, Corrugated Metal


Team: MDC Architects, RK Brine Master Builder