2023 Houses Awards – Commendation – Sustainability 

2023 WA Architecture Awards – Commendation for Sustainability

This house for Matt’s own family of four demonstrates that it’s possible and desirable to create a high-performance home with a small footprint, without compromising on the quality of living for a young family.

Like many MDC Architects projects, this one features an equitable relationship between house and garden; the garden occupying more than 60% of the 315 sqm site, which has laneway frontage to the north.

Rather than compromising the quality of the interiors, this signature design move produces indoor spaces that feel more open and generous, thanks to their connections to the outdoors and nature. And the seemingly expansive gardens provide additional room for kids to play, adults to entertain, and a wonderful planting selection that creates a comfortable and homely environment.

This clever approach results in indoor and outdoor spaces that are much more functional and liveable than most typical new homes in Perth.

In addition, the overall orientation, placement of windows and doors, and internal planning are all optimised for passive solar design. Winter sun enters the house to warm heavy masonry walls in strategical locations, while shading keeps out summer and shoulder season sun. The home is therefore passively cooled and heated without mechanical systems, depending on the season, saving money on future energy bills.

This home has been certified carbon negative thanks to its high thermal performance, the choice of construction materials, and its construction methodology. It demonstrates that it’s possible to live well and protect the planet on a relatively modest budget.

Status: Completed 2022

Project Type: Homes – new build

Client:   Matt Delroy-Carr and family

Materials: Masonry, Timber


Architecture – MDC Architects

Landscape – Pullyblank Landscape Architect

Builder – Bruce Construction Design

Photos – Dion Robeson & Lajos Varga