This was the second development of this nature. Based on the success of our Hamilton Hill Affordable Housing project, we were asked to take our learnings from this and apply them to a new development that would be build-to-rent.

As with the first project, this scheme consists of a series of single-storey 2-bedroom dwellings with a common driveway running through the centre. The entire design is informed by two key considerations: passive solar management for all of the new homes and a communal approach to landscape design.

For this innovative build-to-rent project, we optimised the site subdivision and carefully designed the homes to deliver higher quality outcomes for ALL residents. All while providing a sustainable method for increasing density in Perth.

We prioritised passive solar design, giving every unit a north-facing courtyard and primary living space, which results in comfortable and healthy spaces.

To further this, we proposed that all enclosed garages would be removed, replaced with open trellis structures for planting that would significantly increase the amount of open space on the site and enable ‘car parking’ areas to be more flexible in their use. This had the dual benefit of enabling another facade of the homes to have windows for better ventilation.

We used the learnings from the first project to inform the construction methodology, one which needed to be more cost effective and suit the ‘volume builder’ market. Simplifying the material palette and the roof forms achieved this, with no detriment to the quality of internal living.

From this, we realised that it was not hard to achieve a highly liveable home at an affordable construction rate so we took this and applied the same thinking to our New House Plans with the comfort that it had been tried and tested with great success.

Status: Completed mid 2023

Project Type: Multi-residential – Affordable housing

Client: Infill Property

Materials: Timber, Masonry, Corrugated Metal