This scheme consists of a series of single-storey 2-bedroom dwellings with a common driveway running through the centre. The entire design is informed by two key considerations: passive solar management for all of the new homes and a communal approach to landscape design.

Each home has a north-facing courtyard, a rarity in modest affordable housing schemes, and a quality that will make these homes more liveable and elevate the entire development.

The primary glazing line is shaded to mitigate summer and shoulder season solar gain, whilst maximising passive warming in winter. The courtyards will be as deep as the adjacent main living spaces, thereby providing sufficient space to plant a large tree in each. These trees will provide summer shade and a calming green outlook.

The common driveway has also been designed to enhance the landscape and overall amenity. Courtyards are adjacent to driveway so there is borrowed tree canopy coverage, and additional planting beds beside the paved area will enable a mixed-scale planting scheme, creating a sense of richness and depth to the vegetation.

Together, these elements will ensure that this shared space will be far more engaging than it might otherwise have been.

Status: Completed mid 2022

Project Type: Multi-residential – Affordable housing

Client: Infill Property

Materials: Timber, Masonry, Corrugated Metal