Matt talks about “architecture done differently” on the Hearing Architecture podcast

Are you curious to find out what “architecture done differently” actually entails, and what inspired Matt to make good design more accessible to more people? Find out in this Hearing Architecture podcast interview.

Practice Director Matt Delroy-Carr was recently interviewed by Daniel Moore on the Hearing Architecture podcast, discussing how we deliver better homes for everyone.

Thanks to Daniel and Hearing Architecture, Matt had the opportunity to discuss our sustainable carbon neutral houses, and our different approach to architecture, including selling plans for anyone to build on their own site.

He also mentioned the #TrueNetZero Brochure which you can download – to see how we weighed up four key criteria on the Farrier Lane House – comfort, cost, carbon and ongoing maintenance – and you can download a copy of that here.

You can access the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts, or click on the following links:

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