Exploring new types of housing density and choice in Perth

We were delighted to see that MDC Architecture’s Carrington Street Terraces were included in a list of the Top Five Apartments in Perth recently.

The article in The Property Tribune discussed recent increases in medium and high-density housing in Perth, and singled out five new developments that feature great design and provide excellent lifestyles for their residents.

This is especially relevant now, with the New Medium Density code coming into effect from
10 April 2024. This article shows some great examples of medium and high density projects
in Perth.

The article noted that even though the Carrington Road development in Palmyra presents as a row of townhouses from the street, there is more going on than meets the eye going thanks to our clever design solution.

Carefully planning on this project meant we were able to maximise the site’s yield while providing “small efficient walk-up dwellings with the amenity of a terrace house and courtyard.”

Everyone has access to outdoor space, which makes the interiors seem larger and more connected to the outdoors, and makes these homes great for entertaining as well.

The article adds: “Greenery also features strongly within that development, with the gardens also creating a sense of community, with tenants having shared responsibility for the maintenance and growth of the garden.”

In a city where single family homes are common – and density has largely been delivered by battle-axe block sub-divisions and high-rise apartments – this article provides a useful overview of some of the other housing types that are starting to spring up around Perth.

We were excited to see Carrington Street Terraces recognised with the other projects for providing excellent lifestyle for their residents.

You can read the full article and see the other four great projects featured here.

Thanks to The Property Tribune for highlighting how Perth residents can live well and enjoy the benefits of higher density living in Perth’s most sought-after suburbs.

Access to each individual home is via a private courtyard, separating pedestrian access from vehicles, and provides visitors with a different experience of the built form.
The private northern courtyards at Carrington Street by MDC Architects with floor to ceiling glass doors
The private northern courtyards at Carrington Street with floor to ceiling glass doors.