Did you know we now offer a 4×2 New House Plan?

Our Tall House plan is now available in a new 4-bedroom, 2 bathroom option.

We’ve expanded our range of New House Plans by adding a 4-bed, 2-bathroom configuration of our tall house, to accommodate larger families.

Many new homebuilders in Perth are looking for a 4×2 – as they’re known here in WA! – and so this new plan provides the same compact footprint with plenty of great design features, just like our 3-bedroom homes, without eating up more of your precious garden and outdoor area.

So whether you’re a first home buyer, or you’ve got teenagers who need more space, or you’re  down-sizing from a larger family home, this 4-bedroom version of our Tall House plan is ideal for families of all types, and for children of all ages.

The Tall House is very similar in design to Matt’s own family home, our Farrier Lane house.  The solar passive design and clever planning means even though it has a small footprint, the ground floor rooms open to generous garden spaces and provides a comfortable and efficient family home.

Upstairs, a wraparound balcony can be accessed from two of the four bedrooms, giving residents views out into the tree canopy and enhancing connections to the community and nature.

Our New House Plans are designed specifically to make the most of infill and smaller sites, which means you can take advantage of smaller land sizes and their lower purchase costs.

And they use construction techniques that are typical in WA, so you can get a regular builder to bring your New House plan to life without any further input from us.

To find out how you can build your dream house using our New House Plans, we’ve described the entire process in a 20-step guide, which you can read here

We invite you to learn more about Tall House 4 – and download the brochure to see if this plan will work on your site – by clicking here.