New House Plans

The appetite for smart, sustainable and small houses is growing, but not everyone wants to – or can afford to – build a customised architect-designed home.

We’ve created a series of New House Plans for people of all ages and stages of life – from young families to empty-nesters and downsizers – who value great design, and want to reduce their home’s impact on the planet.

The Long House yard in the MDC architects new house floor plan

Long House

The short house exterior garden in MDC architects new house plan

Short House

The tall house exterior garden in the MDC architects new house plans

Tall House 3

The exterior and garden of MDC Archictects' Tall House 4 New House Plan

Tall House 4

Our New House Plans make it easier for people to enjoy the many benefits of a well-designed home because:

  • They are specifically designed to make the most of infill and smaller sites, so you can take advantage of smaller land sizes and lower entry costs to the property market
  • The homes use simple construction methods – familiar to Perth-based residential builders – so you can take control of the project without the need for an architect to oversee the build
  • They are deliberately modest in size, resulting in lower construction costs, and lower mortgage costs over the life of your loan
  • The homes have a high energy efficiency rating of approx. 8.5 stars (using NatHERS, and dependent on actual orientation and the unique characteristics of your site)
  • The careful planning of interior spaces and generous gardens means these homes feel more spacious than their compact footprint suggests, thanks to great indoor-outdoor flow and connections to greenery and landscape.

If you have a vacant site or plan to knockdown and rebuild, and want a sustainable and affordable architect-designed home, our New House Plan packages provide a roadmap to help you assemble your documents for Development Application, and then engage a builder to commence construction of your new home.

They are designed to suit sites with a minimum size of 300sqm and construction budgets of $360k-$520k (depending on your preferred house size, your chosen materials and finishes).

Courtyard of MDC Architect's new house plan home


MDC Architect’s New House Plans

The short house floor plan in the MDC architects new house floor plan

• 3 bedroom + study designs, and a 4 bedroom version of Tall House ranging from 110-140sqm, providing flexibility to suit your changing needs in future;

• Single-storey and two-storey options to suit various block sizes and ideal orientations to north

• Small efficient footprints and carports to maximise gardens and liveable outdoor spaces

• Passive solar design principles, including thermal mass, cross ventilation and ample insulation, to maintain comfortable temperatures all year round while reducing your ongoing heating and cooling costs 

• All-electric appliances to give you the option to achieve carbon neutral status in operational energy with the installation of photo-voltaic panels



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    1. Should you wish to construct more than one dwelling, or other structure using the same Plans or any adaptation or modification of the Plans, please contact us first. Subject to our written permission and your payment of re-use fees as determined by us, we may grant you permission to build the dwelling, or other structure depicted in the Plans more than one time.
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    1. You may not sell or transfer the plans to any other person or legal entity without our express written consent, including but not limited to, where you sell the property on which the dwelling, or other structure is intended to be built before commencing construction of the dwelling, or other structure.
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    1. Because of the differences in geography and climate, each state and territory or local government area has its own building codes, zone requirements, ordinances, and building regulations and you must comply with all local building codes, zoning requirements, and other applicable construction laws, regulations, ordinances, and requirements for the area and site where you wish to construct. 
    1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtain the proper professional assistance from builders, engineers, and building trade services, (including but not limited to plumbers and electricians), to provide standard construction materials, details and practices, which will result in a structurally sound and weatherproof finished product.
    1. MDC Architects warrants the following:
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